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The bioDensity system uses four safe and precise load exposures to stimulate all major muscle groups and bones of the body. Because the loads are self-applied, the user’s comfort level regulates safety and reliability. bioDensity is:

  • Safe - Thousands of users with no reported injury
  • Effective - Bone improvements with no side effects
  • Efficient - Quick and easy to use

The bioDensity system can aid in increasing bone density in a safe way by stimulating the body’s natural bone generation process. Based on the science of Wolff's law, the theory demonstrating bone adaptation to applied pressure, the bioDensity process applies optimal biomechanics for the self-compression of bone mass. In addition, compressive forces are applied to cartilage found between the ends of bone, resulting in an increase in joint strength. Just like muscle, both human bone and cartilage strengthens under pressure and weakens when it doesn't get used.


About Us

At Aevum Wellness we want to help those with low bone density by offering a non-pharmaceutical alternative for bone development. Each year low bone density contributes to thousands of injuries and limits the activities of thousands more. We believe no one should have to live with these restrictions and concerns.

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