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Fallbrook, California

With well over 30 years experience in the wellness, senior care and medical fields, our staff is qualified and eager to dose programming in order improve their quality of life. We offer several state of the art modalities to treat various maladies associated with aging; including osteoporosis, circulatory issues, cognitive decline and sarcopenia (muscle loss) among others.

It is our goal to not only provide quality programming, but to help motivate our clients to set and achieve goals leading to enhanced quality of life.

Center Information
Aevum Wellness - Fallbrook
543 East Alvarado Rd.
Fallbrook, CA 92028
United States

+1 (760) 451-3079
[email protected]

Baltimore, Maryland

Our passion to enhance lives is at the core of our quest to offer a profound and exceptional service. It starts from within, as we all have loved ones and want nothing less than to help them live healthier and longer lives. We searched, found, and are prepared to share our discovery.

Simply put, our company was founded to enhance lives. And we are now prepared to afford others a natural treatment to improve, and even eliminate, deteriorating conditions that affect us all as we age and become less active.

We embrace a new modality for Osteogenic Loading as a means to offer others to engage in optimal and proactive health maintenance. We will seek to educate and embrace medical professionals who serve those diagnosed with aging conditions, just as we will embrace our customers referred through other channels.

Our management team enjoys a combination of experience in business development, consumer advocacy, medical expertise, and relative credentials. We are committed to succeed and excited to serve others with our unique solution for optimizing bone strength development, neurological function, and overall longevity.

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Aevum Wellness - Baltimore
Padonia Village Shopping Center
(Second Floor Office Suites)
61 East Padonia Road
Suite 61-F
Timonium, MD 21093
United States

+1 (410) 394-7800
[email protected]

Tauranga, New Zealand

Faulkner's Pharmacy is proud to be leading the way at providing advanced, technology-based health and wellness services under the Aevum Wellness banner in New Zealand. We embrace these state-of-the-art training methodologies as a means to offer optimal and proactive health maintenance solutions. Our professional staff includes a management team experienced in business development, consumer advocacy, medical and pharmaceutical expertise, and registered exercise professionals.

Our goal is to create optimal, goal-specific activity regimes for a wide range of individuals for whom bone density and muscle loss, metabolic slowdown, mobility and stability, arterial stiffness, and other ageing-related conditions are a significant health concern.

We are excited to serve others with our unique solutions for optimizing bone strength development, neuro-muscular function, and overall longevity. Our programs include solutions tailored to fall prevention, bone density increase, growth hormone stimulation, weight loss, and increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. We also offer personalized programs to meet other fitness goals.

A limited number of free consultations is available by appointment.

Center Information
Faulkner's Pharmacy
398 Cameron Road
3110, New Zealand

+64 07 578 5205
[email protected]

Dorking, Surrey UK

Bone Life Clinic, offers a proven solution, for those seeking a drug free alternative for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, as well as those simply looking to maintain muscular and bone strength as they age. Our caring staff are dedicated to helping individuals achieve measurable results through our unique programme. The programme has combined the latest technologies in Power Plate®, bioDensity™ and Activity Tracking to, in just a 45 minute session once a week, over a 12 week period, deliver guaranteed increases in the body's force production which scientific research confirms, can greatly improve bone mineral density. The programme will also leave you feeling generally healthier and more confident to enjoy life to the full.

Bone health is instrumental to our overall health, quality of life, and longevity. As people age, bones lose calcium and other minerals. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 9 million adults have osteoporosis and more than 48 million have low bone mass, resulting in approximately 15 million fractures each year. In addition, 50% of women (and 25% of men) over the age of 50 will have an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime. In fact, a woman's risk for an osteoporotic caused hip fracture is the same as her breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer risk combined.

So please contact us. For prevention or cure, we are here to help.

Operating from within Dorking Chiropractic Clinic, the Bone Life Clinic offers bioDensity and Power Plate courses supported by 24/7 activity tracking technology to clients by prior appointment only. There are a limited number of free consultation and taster sessions currently available.

Center Information
Located within Dorking Chiropractic Clinic
316 High Street
Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1QX
United Kingdom
07970 133 992
[email protected]

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At Aevum Wellness we want to help those with low bone density by offering a non-pharmaceutical alternative for bone development. Each year low bone density contributes to thousands of injuries and limits the activities of thousands more. We believe no one should have to live with these restrictions and concerns.

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